Community of the Week: D23, The Official Disney Fan Club

Confession time: I am a Disney superfan! It’s probably all because I grew up an hour outside of Orlando and had the privilege to frequent the DisneyWorld parks in my childhood. Today, I live an hour away from DisneyLand, so I’m starting to pick up on a theme…apparently I need to live close to Disney parks. 😂

Last year, I took my fandom to a new level by joining D23, the official Disney Fan Club, a membership club with unique perks and bonuses! The community aficionado in me was eager and excited to learn how my membership could connect me with other superfans, as well as with the brand itself. Here’s what I’ve discovered:

What I love:

  • The podcast. Even though you don’t have to be a member to hear this show, I still feel like the content is carefully curated for that eager superfan audience. I’m glad to hear the reminders about D23 events or discounts, because let’s be honest, I sometimes overlook those things in emails.

  • The benefits are clear and enticing. The site and app do a great job of showcasing the advantages of being a member, which include discounts to many favorite locations in Orlando and Anaheim, as well as collectibles that have been specifically created for D23. And let’s not forget the benefit of special perks when you attend the legendary D23 Expo, something I very much look forward to one day!

  • The premise. If you’re an annual passholder to the parks, then you’re showing you’re a superfan of the parks. If you belong to the Disney Vacation Club, then you clearly get the benefit of the parks and other Disney properties. But if you’re a member of D23, it’s a way of showing that you’re a fan of ALL-things-Disney. The parks, the films, the characters, etc. All of it. There’s a powerful shared purpose and interest here amongst members, and I don’t believe it’s being tapped into enough. Hence…

My wish list:

  • That true “Sense of Community” feeling. Today, I feel like I’m in a general audience of this membership, and while I love and appreciate the benefits that I get as a member, I don’t feel that there’s a sense of Community today. What’s missing, in order to accomplish that, is a place I can connect with other members easily and often. I want to be able to ask questions about the parks, toys or experiences for my stepdaughter, what I’m watching on Disney+, etc. I want to learn from other members’ insights and advice. Today, in order for me to do this, I either need to attend an in-person event (and there aren’t many of these happening right now) or I have to be proactive about following the social media accounts of Disney fans. I’d love to see Disney make this easier by providing a single digital space for fans to come together, rather than being scattered throughout the internet.

  • That’s it. My one wish list item is above. It’s a big one, IMHO.

D23 has all of the makings for a vibrant and active Community, full of member connections and helpful content. I hope they’ll consider creating a digital space to make this dream a reality. (And if they need help, they can always contact me! <inserts shameless plug>) After all, Walt Disney did say…

First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. Fourth, dare.

C’mon D23. Let’s DARE together!