Community of the Week: Pandora

Music lovers, listen up! The Pandora Community has a number of unique ways to connect with the brand AND with fellow music fans. While I was already familiar with this community, there were a few fun surprises I encountered upon my review of it for Community of the Week!

What I love:

  • Opportunities for Engagement. This community has it all. Seriously. Want to connect with other Pandora users? ✅ Need some help or support using Pandora? ✅ Got a great idea to submit as a feature request? ✅ The benefits for members are clear. All of these add up to a valuable and worthwhile experience for their community members!

  • The Playlist Swap. Now, I haven’t spoken to any of the community members, but I would take a guess that one of the reasons they would join this community is to find out about new music. That’s why I love this dedicated section to discover new playlists and chat about them.

  • Community Challenges. Within the Playlist Swap, there are various challenges issued to community members. These challenges offer a unique way to create and show off a playlist. (If “Dancing In September” isn’t on every one of this challenge’s lists, I will scream!)

  • Rewards for usage. Badges can be earned for many activities on the community, including the number of listening hours on Pandora itself. Nice job incentivizing a critical behavior to the business! See screenshot below for two of the badges:

My wish List:

  • Feature the best playlists on the Pandora app. This could be another MAJOR benefit to community users! What if the winner of the Community Challenge was featured ON THE APP?! I admit that I don’t know how easy that would be since I don’t know Pandora’s process for selecting which playlists to recommend/feature, but that would certainly excite and reward community members if it could be done.

  • Make the Community link more prominent. Today, in order to access the community from Pandora’s website (on my desktop), I have to click my avatar > Community. I’d love to see it displayed in a more high-trafficked area, such as next to “My Collections” or “Browse.” From the app, I had to click on my Profile > Settings wheel > Community. 😔

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This is part of a weekly series where I’ll select a community I’m inspired by and write about it. Sometimes they’ll be ones that I’m a member of. Sometimes they won’t. Sometimes they’ll be clients. Sometimes they won’t. Each post will share what I enjoy the most about that community, and if you’re familiar with it, I hope you’ll share what you like about it, too. 

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