What Differentiates A Brand Community?

Welcome to my attempt to explain how an online Brand Community differs from social media communities, or other types of digital communities. In my professional opinion, it comes down to three differences: Peer-to-Peer Interaction Style This type of style is unique and even presents in a different visual format than social media communities. A Brand Community allows for peers to ask questions or kick off discussions at any time that they like, and a response can be posted at any time as well. In social media communities (think Instagram, Facebook Page, LinkedIn page, etc), the brand has to post first, and only then can followers respond and begin to interact with one another in the replies. This represents a one-to-many interaction style, while the Brand Community represents the peer-to-peer approach. For example, in a Brand Community, a member could post a question whenever they like, such as, “Could someone help me understand the best way to use product XYZ?” This approach also tends to instill more trust since it’s proven that people place more credibility on getting information from “a person like yourself”. (

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